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Any emergency can be a worrying experience for those involved.  Mobility impaired, disabled or elderly persons may find it especially distressing.  Having evacuation tools such as evacuation chairs or rescue-sheets in place can address your legal obligations as a company, business or organization.  However, anyone who may be tasked with using the equipment, whether that’s a general employee or a dedicated member of staff, will want to know how to use the equipment safely and effectively.

 In addition to the person carrying out an evacuation, the actual evacuee will feel a lot safer and more secure knowing that they are in the expert hands of a fully trained helper, who will be able to reassure them that they know how to correctly use the equipment.

 If you’re required to use a tracked evacuation chair, transit chair or rescue-sheet or carrier to carry out an emergency evacuation, then you really should know exactly how to use the equipment to ensure you provide a safe and comfortable evacuation for the evacuee.

 Evacusafe’s evacuation chair training courses teach you everything you need to know to give you the knowledge and peace of mind to safely use the tracked chairs by following best practice and guidelines. 

As well as teaching you and your staff how to safely operate the equipment and how to carry out the safe evacuation of mobility impaired people, our course also makes you aware of the difficulties and issues faced by mobility impaired people and bring you up-to-date with all relevant current legislation.

We provide on-site training courses, where a member of our training team visits you at your location to carry out the training.  In addition to this we also offer some of our courses online, where they can be taken using a computer at a time and location that is most convenient to you.

We Offer Two Levels of Training

Basic Operator Training Course

This involves a short theory session followed by a practical demonstration in which staff members participate and gain practical hands-on experience of using an Evacuation Chair, Transit Chair, Rescue-sled or Carrier. Basic Operator Training is ideal for smaller companies who are constrained by time (a session for five people lasts one hour).

Train the Trainer Course

This involves an experienced instructor coming to your organization to train staff to a Train the Trainer level, enabling them to cascade the Basic Operator Training to other members of staff within your organization. This is a cost-effective way of keeping the skill in-house.  Not only will this enable you to standardize an in-house training program, but you will also save money by providing your own courses in the future.

For pricing and further information please call us on (877) 353-3443 or email: info@evacusafe.us.

Only an Official Evacusafe Instructor is qualified to provide our training courses. Please beware of other companies offering this type of training as they have not been instructed, trained or endorsed by Evacusafe. Using our own qualified instructors is the best way to ensure correct use of our equipment.


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