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Three Wheel Chair

The Tri-wheel Transit Chair is ideal for use on routes with several stairs to the exit point for organisations that perhaps have minimum staff available, the innovative tri-wheel system can assist the operators in reducing the manual handling required to ascend or descend the stairs.

Note: A minimum of 2 operators are required to carry the chair but additional may be necessary dependent of the weight to be lifted.

  • Minimum 2 person operation
  • Sturdy, lightweight construction
  • Seatbelt
  • Carrying/lifting points
  • Comfortable seat and back support
  • Arm and footrests
  • 3 wheeled ascent/descent mechanism
  • Lighter compared to other similar chairs making lifting easier
  • Acts like a wheelchair for easy manoeuvrability when on level ground
  • Client feels secure once safety belt fastened
  • Flat seat , arm and footrest help to relax client
  • Integrated handles ensure chair is carried in correct position
  • Handle and seat can be folded down to minimise size
  • Rear tri-wheels help reduce manual handling
  • Operating guide
Description Size / Weight
Chair Weight  31lbs
Chair Length 35in
Chair Width  23in
Chair Height  50in
Seat Height  18in
 Load capacity  200lbs
Three Wheel Transport Chair

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