Our Products

We are the OFFICIAL distributor for world renowned, and leading manufacturer of evacuation chairs and solutions, Evacusafe UK Ltd.  Our remit is to cover the sales, distribution, servicing and training throughout the United States of America.

All of Evacusafe’s products have been expertly designed by specialist engineers to ensure the highest quality, safety, and usability.  The specific use for all of our products is to enable the safe escape of any mobility-impaired people from a multi-level building in an emergency situation.  People may suffer difficulty with mobility for a number of reasons:

  • Physical Disability
  • Mental Disability
  • Injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Advanced Age
  • Obesity

US Law states that EVERYONE should have the same chance of a safe escape from an emergency, such as a building fire.  This is where Evacusafe’s products come into play.

Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation Chairs have been specially designed to transport an evacuee along a flat floor as well as up or down stairs.  When in use on stairs, special traction tracks make the chair easy to maneuver.  The evacuee is strapped in for safety and the chairs provide comfort and security.

See our range of evacuation chairs here.

Evacuslider Rescue Sheets

Evaclusliders are Evacusafe’s own brand of rescue-sheet.  They are essentially an ultra-modern version of the rescue-mattresses that have been used for many years in hospitals and care homes, to transport patients to a place of safety whenever required.  They are a thick, comfortable mattress, with an ultra-smooth underside, into which a patient is strapped and slid to safety.  They are ideal for narrow corridors, passageways and can also be used on stairways.

View our Rescue-sheets here.

Patient Transport Chairs

Patient Transport Chairs have been used for many years across the health services industry.  They are sometimes referred to as Ambulance Chairs.  Their main use is to transport a patient across a flat surface, although they can be used to carry a patient up or down stairs with at least two assistant staff members.

View our Transport Chairs here.

Moving & Handling

Our wide range of moving and handling products help you move people with ease. The ergonomically engineered carriers and sliders minimize the risk of injury often experienced when transporting manually. From infants and babies to adults and even extremely overweight individuals, there is a product to meet your needs. All have been designed for convenient storage and constructed with durable materials that reduce the risk for infection. Browse our online store and order today!

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