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Here at Evacusafe US we are extremely excited and proud to announce the launch of our new ‘responsive’ new website.

If you’re wondering what having a responsive website means, let us explain.

Our new website has been built using an ultra-modern ‘responsive’ template.  Essentially what this means it that our new website is compatible with a wide array of hand-held devices, as well as the usual PCs and laptops.  A responsive website will automatically adjust so that the design fits best to whichever device is being used to view the website.  So if you’re using your smartphone or iPad you will be displayed the content of our website in a way which best fits that platform.

Recent research has shown that the majority of initial web browsing takes place via a mobile device.  Therefore, as well as it’s essential to have a website that fits all different devices, the search engines actually love them too.  It makes browsing our website a much more customer-friendly experience.

Go ahead and give it a try

Visit www.evcusafe.us on your smartphone or iPad and you’ll see how it automatically adjusts to fit that device.  Put it to the test by rotating your device sideways and watch how it automatically adjusts to best fir the portrait view.  It’s not just iPads that are included in this, but all types of other tablet brand also.

This system will ensure that all of our existing clients and prospective customers get the very best from our website.

We used a UK-based company to build our new website as they came recommended from colleagues in our industry.  If you’re looking for a website then give Ashford Web Services a try.  We’re delighted with the results they produced for us, in addition to which, their prices are very reasonable compared to other design agencies.

Kind regards,

Scott Purdy
CEO Evacusafe US