Frequently Asked Questions

An evacuation chair is a specialized piece of equipment that has been specifically designed to enable the safe escape of a mobility impaired person from a building during and emergency situation.  UK law dictates that everyone has the right to an equal chance of a safe escape, regardless of a mental or physical disability or impairment.

Tracked evacuation chairs enable the evacuee to be strapped safely and comfortably within, while trained personnel push the chair to a place of safety in a similar way to a wheelchair.  The beauty of tracked chairs is the specially designed tracks that come into action and enable safe transit down stairways, therefore making them ideal for multi-level buildings.

When not in use, the chair can be folded and stowed away safely ready for use.  Usually evacuation chairs are stored on special hooks on a wall at the top of a stairway.

Yes. Our evacuation chairs are designed for single operator use. However we do recommend, for best practice, that at least two people are available as one can then assist with the opening of doors, check for any potential hazards ahead and reassure the evacuee.

Each chair comes complete with a long lasting protective cover, hooks to hang the chair on the wall, full instruction manual, a wall sign and instructional CD/DVD.  Specific details are listed on each product page.

We have a team of professional trainers who provide training courses for all of our equipment.  As well as on-site training, we also sell eLearning courses which can be taken online.

Yes, we can come to your site. Training staff with your own equipment on your stairs helps to improve the confidence of each delegate. Please contact us for any United States training enquiries.

Nearly all internal staircases are suitable including, metal, wooden, concrete, carpeted, hardwood and stairs with nosings and protectors. Also, a mild spiral should pose no problems. If you are not sure or just want some advice, give us a quick call or email us, we will be happy to help and advise you.

Our chairs are low maintenance. They come with a visual inspection check list which when followed, will ensure the chair remains operational for many years. We do not ask you to sign expensive service or maintenance contracts. If you do want us to service and check the equipment for you, please contact us for a quote. Visual Inspection Checklists can be found on individual product pages.

Each evacuation chair comes with a standard 15-year warranty against manufacturing defects. In addition, should you have a problem with the chair, in most circumstances we will normally send out a replacement and collect yours at the same time so you are never left without a chair to cover your premises.

Yes, we usually come to your premises to demonstrate. We’re so confident in our chairs that we can even send you a chair on approval with full operating instructions, try it out for yourself, if you like it you keep it and we will invoice you. If you decide against it’s not for you, we’ll arrange for it to be collected FREE OF CHARGE.

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