Evacuation Stair Chair Servicing

Common sense tells us it’s imperative that all evacuation equipment is kept in good working order.  You need to ensure that if an emergency situation occurs, and the equipment needs to be deployed, it will work correctly and safely, exactly as you would expect it to.  This logic does not just apply to evacuation chairs, but any type of equipment that is designed to be relied on in an emergency that could happen at any given time.

The best way to achieve this is to have your equipment regularly serviced and kept in check.  Although all chairs from Evacusafe come with a durable protective cover, it is still essential that you check your equipment regularly, at least once annually, to make sure that no joints have become stiff or locked, and that all working parts run smoothly and effectively.

Every tracked evacuation chair from Evacusafe is shipped with a Visual Inspection Checklist, which allows customers to carry out regular maintenance checks themselves.  If you have misplaced your copy you may download a Visual Inspection Checklist free of charge.  It’s a good idea that the person who carries out each visual maintenance check signs and dates a document that can be kept as a record for each chair.

Why not let the experts who designed and built the chair service it for you?

For additional peace of mind, Evacusafe and their Official Overseas Distributors are able to carry out maintenance and servicing on you evacuation chairs for you.  This is not limited to the Evacusafe band and our specialist engineers are qualified to service evacuation chair that have been supplied by different manufacturers.

Many of our customers around the world choose this option as it saves them time and provides them with the assurance that their equipment has been services by a professional.  A lot of customers like to sign-up to an annual service option as that saves them having to remember when any servicing is due; we will remind you when the time comes. Our engineers will carry out a full and comprehensive service of your evacuation chairs to ensure they are maintained in the best operational condition.

With each EvacuService you get:

  • Evacusafe qualified service engineers
  • Comprehensive service inspection
  • Replacement of defective parts (under standard warranty terms)
  • Detailed Contract Service Report for your records

To book a service visit simply call us on (877) 353-3443 or email: info@evacusafe.us

Please consider: only official Evacusafe engineers can maintain the Evacusafe’s tracked evacuation chairs with genuine Evacusafe parts. Any company claiming to have service capability of our chairs has not been authorized by Evacusafe and therefore, Evacusafe US or Evacusafe UK Ltd shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of whatsoever nature, howsoever caused, which may arise as a result of equipment failure, or misuse in circumstances outside its control, if the equipment is found to have been serviced by the customer or any third party.

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